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Starsky-chan's Icons

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Some icons [Mar. 26th, 2007|08:19 pm]
Starsky-chan's Icons
[Tags|, ]
[music |Anywhere but Here - Hilary Duff]

Mostly icons made out of boredom, and trying out new styles~

[8] Bleach
[7] Mermaid Melody

Yeah, I know, it's a small post. |D

AND. Everyone knows the rules. PLEASE CREDIT IF YOU USE. And only use here on LJ.

It's too bad I'm not sad, it's castin' over..Collapse )
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IT'S BEEN SO LONG...! [Feb. 25th, 2007|08:51 pm]
Starsky-chan's Icons
[Tags|, , ]
[mood |creative]
[music |Meri Kuri - BoA]

.. TOO LONG. @____@;;

But I'll try to keep this place alive. |D

I have some Mermaid Melody (One of my newest fandoms~) icons here, so.. have fun!

Nanairo no kaze ni fukarete~Collapse )

However, no using #6, please. That's an icon I made only for myself, and it's only here for show. PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT.
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tsubasa_songset: Speechless [Jul. 11th, 2006|10:10 pm]
Starsky-chan's Icons
[Tags|, ]
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |Speechless - Melissa O'neil]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Character/Pairing/Team: Syaoran x Sakura
Icon batch count: 2/30
Total icon count: 30/30 DONE *diez*
Song: "Speechless" by Melissa O'neil


Images - Clow Legacy
Textures - Various People
Brushes - 100x100_brushes

Overwhelmed by your presence...Collapse )
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Naruto_songset; Temari [May. 15th, 2006|07:04 pm]
Starsky-chan's Icons
[Tags|, ]
[mood |crappycrappy]
[music |Black Eyed Peas - Let's get Started]

2nd claim @ naruto_songset ~

Character/Pairing/Team: Temari
Icon batch count: 30/30
Total icon count: 30/30 FINISHED!
Song: "Cuz I can" - Ana Johnsson
Due Date: June 11th, 2006

My computer is feeling better! <3 So I can make icons sooner again~ I hope I can get these done in time XD;.

I could be anything you wanted me to be, but I won't.Collapse )
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Naruto_songset; Team 7 Claim [Apr. 24th, 2006|08:00 pm]
Starsky-chan's Icons
[Tags|, ]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Bonnie Pink - 5 more Minutes]

Character/Pairing/Team: Team 7
Total icon count: 30/30; FINISHED!
Song: "I Will Believe" by Nichole Nordeman

Lyrics to 'I will Believe'
Download of 'I will Beleive'

I will believe...Collapse )
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iconfiend100: Minto Aizawa, Mew Mint [Apr. 15th, 2006|08:10 am]
Starsky-chan's Icons
[Tags|, ]
[mood |jubilantjubilant]
[music |Bowling for Soup - 1985]

Artist: _monteh_
Series: Tokyo Mew Mew
Type: Character; Minto Aizawa/Mew Mint
-#In post:
-#In Total:
-Brushes: in user info
-Fonts: dafonts.com
-Pictures/Screen captures: cafe-mewmew.com, ichigo-parfait.net/neko, myuu.cafe-mewmew.com, animegalleries.net

Lyrics used:
#26: Naked - Avril Lavigne
#33: Holiday - Greenday
#52: Only Hope - Mandy Moore
#55: Concrete Angel - Martina McBride
Alt. #13: Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson


If the extreme amount of blue used to make these icons renders you colorblind, you can smack me *shot*.

Blue BirdCollapse )
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Icon dump #3 [Apr. 10th, 2006|04:22 pm]
Starsky-chan's Icons
[Tags|, , , , , , , ]
[mood |rushedrushed]
[music |Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins]

Another icon dump. I think I'm going to take a break from iconing for awhile @_@;.

Click the cut ~Collapse )
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Icon dump #2 [Mar. 20th, 2006|07:38 pm]
Starsky-chan's Icons
[mood |crushedcrushed]
[music |Rie Tanaka - Fields of Hope]

Well...since most of the icontests out there have ended, I'm posting a new batch of icons that I've entered~

Watch as my photoshop skills develope.Collapse )
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First Post in icon journal! [Mar. 16th, 2006|07:22 pm]
Starsky-chan's Icons
[Tags|, , , , , , , ]
[mood |indescribable]
[music |BoA - Kimochi wa Tsutawaru]

Woot! My first post! I guess I'm going to start off by posting just some icons I still like, even if a few of them are weeks old.

Look mommy! I'm real!Collapse )
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